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Plant What Others Throw Away: Career and Life Lessons in Ordinary Objects
140 pages

by Paul R. Lloyd

How do you achieve success
in the business world, provide for your family, and honor God all at the same time? 

Using ordinary, everyday objects, Paul R. Lloyd shows how a proper view of success allows you to live in balance with God’s call on your heart as well as your need to earn an income. Using Bible-based principles, Paul walks you through a seven-step process that will lead you to a better life.

Paul R. Lloyd speaks to small groups, large groups, Christian groups and business groups. Contact him at: books@promisegarden.com

About the Author 
Paul R. Lloyd writes fiction, nonfiction and business communications. He is available as a ghost writer and editor. His fiction genre is literary suspense. 
In addition to publishing e-zines and newsletters 
for clients, Paul publishes Business Growth Ideas newsletter. 

Paul leads the Write Time Writer’s Group in Geneva, Illinois. He is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers where he heads an online critique group. Paul is available as a motivational speaker. 

As a business writer and marketing consultant, Paul assists companies ranging from large global corporations to small start-ups to plan and implement successful marketing communications programs. He has proven abilities in orchestrating strategic alliances to provide research, strategic planning, database management, creative writing and art services, print and electronic media production, media relations, and training. Paul writes for web, print and multimedia. His experience includes serving the high technology, engineering, insurance, metals, heavy construction equipment, and management consulting industries.

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What people say about...
Plant What Others Throw Away

“Paul R. Lloyd takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary. A rich blend of the inspirational and the practical, there is a lesson to be learned here for everyone. I highly recommend it."  
— Terri Kraus, Inspirational Fiction Writer, www.terrikraus.com, Author of The Project Restoration Series: The Renovation, The Renewal, The Transformation.

"With quick, relevant chapters, Paul R. Lloyd has crafted a guide to business for those who are increasingly finding themselves lost and in fear of being left behind. Impacting Bible quotes, and insightful tips on keeping focused and continually pushing forward make Plant What Others Throw Away a necessary reference, regardless of one's current, or prospective career path." 
— Thomas Phillips, author of The Molech Prophecy, www.authorthomasphillips.com

"Plant What Others Throw Away brings clarity and simplicity into a life made hectic by demands and distractions. The desire for purpose and a sense of direction has never been stronger than now. Paul R. Lloyd uses ordinary symbols of our everyday lives to write about balance among family, business and God. The message is clear and simple — include God, allow God, praise God."
— Luisa Buehler, author of the award-winning Grace Marsden Mystery Series, including her latest novel: The Inn Keeper: An Unregistered Death, www.luisabuehler.com

"While reading Plant What Others Throw Away, I realized the question of success is critical in life. Wrapped in creative flair, Paul R. Lloyd’s writing propels you in your personal journey in a way that will leave you both enlightened and empowered to pursue your dreams. Lloyd masterfully distills the complicated do’s and don’ts in our pursuit of success and leads us straight toward the Father’s heart."
— Jeral Davis, Author of Tomorrow, www.jeraldavis.com

"… a great motivational and encouraging tool for people in any kind of enterprise, whether it be business or ministry. The symbols make the messages memorable. I could see it influencing my own goals in life as I read. I recommend it as something to be studied over and over."
— Amy Barkman, Director of Voice of Joy Ministries, and Pastor of Mortonsville United Methodist Church, both located in Kentucky, www.amybarkman.blogspot.com




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