Breakthrough Painting


Breakthrough -- 3 ft. x 4 ft.  Acrylic Painting 
by Lynn Zuk-Lloyd

Art prints of this painting are available for purchase. The large "Lynn Zuk-Lloyd" imprint 
does not appear on the final art print.

Lynn is a speaker, artist, and author who is passionate about encouraging people to breakthrough the barriers that hold them back. Read more about her motivational speaking




This painting reflects the beauty and treasure in each of us that needs to come out. What happens in life is there are dark clouds that threaten us dark clouds that cause the splendor deep within to stay hidden. But the good news is that Jesus Christ brings His life and His Living Water into our lives. He causes His love to seep way down into the unseen areas of our hearts where treasure is buried. He encourages us to rise up and break through the barriers of lies and deception that come against us. He urges us to knock down the blockades we set up against Him the towers of self-reasoning that cause us to think the Lord is rigid and uncaring. But God is caring. Hes filled with compassion and love for us, and wants to come into our lives and help us to rise up and blossom with the beauty He places inside us. He even sends His waves of grace to weaken the barriers. The enemy, of course, places enticements in the path of Gods love, tempting us to look at things that are not of the Lord things that are bright and glittery, unsuitable things that we want or think we need. But Jesus Christ dissolves those barriers, too, as we learn to place our trust in Him.

Know that you are filled with treasure. And when you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Kingdom of God within you is just waiting to break through. Like the two little, yellow flowers in the painting that shatter the barrier of deception to boldly offer beauty and joy to a needy world, you, too, are filled with beauty waiting to burst forth.
- Written by Lynn Zuk-Lloyd


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