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The book is 100 pages.

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... Allow the fresh air of Jesus' love and the wind of God's Holy Spirit to breathe upon you as you take the Awaken Me! 40 Day Challenge.

Each reflection in this unique devotional will help draw you into the richness of Godís mighty love. Each section will offer you opportunities to increase your trust in Jesus Christ, and to receive the forgiveness that God longs to give you. And as you practice letting go of the things that bind, you will be better able to begin experiencing the exhilarating abundance of freedom, joy, light-heartedness, and peace that believers can have through Jesus Christ.

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Experience an even deeper richness of God's love when you use both the book
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Her relaxing video is filled with scripture
promises, gentle music, and 44 pieces
of her eloquent art to help quiet the mind
and feed the spirit.
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